Mo’s ex boyfriend turns up

Rob answers the door to a big chap covered in tattoos. The minute Mo claps eyes on him she gives him a big kiss. It turns out Mo and Lonnie were in a relationship in Yorkshire and he has really missed her. Mo admits she feels the same and they head upstairs to ‘catch up’ properly.

Sid is shadowing Jimmi on a Police Surgeon shift and Jimmi worries it might be too much as Sid’s already done a shift at The Mill but Sid insists it’s fine. Later, an exhausted Sid leaves the police station and, when he starts to fall asleep at the wheel of his car, he has an accident. As he is jolted back to reality, Sid realises he has just had a very lucky escape…

Heston gets a call from Ruhma to say her new accommodation has fallen through but, when she turns up with her two ungracious teenagers in tow, he starts to worry. Shak and Alia play music full blast and ignore poor Heston who feels like he’s trapped in hell.