Moira assumes the worst about Andy

Moira and Holly worry about Hannah’s crush on Andy. Moira is horrified when she finds out about Andy’s troubled past from the gossips. Meanwhile, Hannah gives the caravan a makeover for Andy’s benefit and drags him in to see it. Hannah invites Andy to her birthday party and is mortified when he tells her she should hang out with people her own age. Moira assumes the worst when she sees an upset Hannah fleeing the caravan and she tells Andy to get off their land.

Paddy is upset when Zak teases him that Carl is going to make a move on Chas while he’s on his veterinary course. Meanwhile, Chas is annoyed with everyone asking her if she’s going to dump Paddy now Carl is a free man. Paddy feels even more insecure when Aaron confesses that he made Chas choose between him and Carl. Paddy cancels his trip and Chas is furious that he doesn’t trust her.

Jimmy brings Nicola and the baby home from hospital and the couple enjoy settling Angelica into her new home. However, as they take a family picture Jimmy can’t help but feel guilty about throwing out Carl.

Also, the villagers wave off Jake as he leaves Emmerdale to live in Spain.