Moira can’t bear to watch John and Chas (VIDEO)

Moira has well and truly recovered from whatever madness made her sleep with Cain Dingle, but farmer John is still mad at her. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, but he does want to see Chas – and he doesn’t care how that makes Moira feel. Holly warns her mum that her dad is dallying with a Dingle, but Moira refuses to believe it – until she sees them together. They’re definitely flirting and Moira can’t bear to see it. She has a go at Chas, but Chas isn’t going to leave John alone unless he wants her to – and he doesn’t want her to!

Cameron does want Andy to leave Debbie alone and he pays him a visit to warn him off. Cameron’s angry because Sarah has found out Debbie’s pregnant and he thinks Andy told her. He didn’t. Jacob told Sarah after hearing Alicia congratulate Debbie on falling pregnant. Oh, and Alicia said her piece very loudly and very publicly, so now the whole village will know.

The whole village doesn’t know that it was Zak who nearly killed Cain. But Lisa knows and she’s worried about her man…