Moira can’t keep her hands off Cain!

Moira’s back to slapping Cain when she has a secret meeting with him. She slaps him down when he tries to kiss her – then she moves to kiss him! But Cain’s a master at this sort of game-playing and he backs off, gets out of the car and leaves Moira alone with her guilty conscience. Later, though, he enjoys tormenting Moira when she’s in the pub with farmer John. Now, John’s head may be full of manure, but there’s nothing wrong with his eyes. He can see clearly the tension between his wife and Cain and he doesn’t like it at all.

Alicia’s got quite a sharp brain, but she fails to engage it before she opens her mouth and lets slip to Sarah that the hospital may have found a donor. Debbie’s furious, but really she’s just scared that nothing and no one will save her little girl.

It seems that nothing and no one can steer Gennie into Nikhil’s arms. Instead, she’s off on a business course – paid for by Nikhil, who doesn’t really want her to go. But he did mess up her last job opportunity so he has some making up to do.