Moira discovers her good son is a bad boy!

So, there’s Moira, driving through the country lanes of Emmerdale and what does she see? She sees her boy in a car in a lay-by, making hay with his boss’s missus! And her reaction isn’t to hope that he’s got clean pants on. Oh, no. When Adam’s tucked everything back in place and gone home, Moira sits him down and reads him the riot act. What was he thinking? What about Mia? And what about farmer John’s new business deal with Declan? The way Moira sees it, Adam has two choices: either he ends the affair with Ella, or she will end it for him!

It’s David and Leyla’s relationship that’s fascinating Betty ever since Amy tried to wreck it. Betty can’t help wondering – aloud – why David and Leyla haven’t got married. And that gets David and Leyla wondering… Maybe they should get married (just don’t make Amy bridesmaid!)

Aaron and Jackson talk marriage, too. The subject comes up after they’ve been to a friend’s engagement party. Aaron pops the question, saying he wants everyone to know how he feels about Jackson. Does he, though? Or is he just hoping it will change Jackson’s mind about dying? Either way, Jackson turns him down.