With Cain having been so insistent that they get away for New Year, Moira is expecting great things, one of which is a proposal. So her heart sinks when they tip up at the B&B! It’s a different story, however, when she realises they have the entire place to themselves…

Charity urges Declan to be strong. The last thing she needs is him confessing to arson just as she’s sussed a way to get Jai’s love-child and his mother out of her life. Her pep talk seems to do the trick, as does her hard work with the Home Farm CCTV footage. When the police check the tapes, sure enough the only person who shows up on camera is Sam. Later, when Megan comes round, relieved Declan is quick to tell his sister he was out with Charity when the fire started.

At Dale Head, Brenda’s moved as Kerry does her utmost to make her New Year’s Eve a good laugh. Meanwhile, over at the Woolpack, the rival fancy dress party is going so well that Pollard has to get behind the bar to help!