*Hour-long episode*

Cain’s convinced that he and Moira and their baby can be happy and with a lot of talking straight from the heart he convinces Moira, too. Then Moira has a miscarriage. She’s hit by stomach pains when she’s out in the fields helping Chas look for Cameron’s kids, who have gone missing. In fact, Debbie has the kids at her house, but she wants Chas and Cameron to suffer. And they do – but Moira and Cain suffer more. They had just started to allow themselves to feel happy about having a baby and now their baby is gone.

Amy’s allowed herself to have feelings for a bloke. The trouble is, the bloke is attached to another woman. The even bigger trouble is that the bloke is Andy so the other woman is Amy’s mother, Kerry. There’s no way this is going to end well…especially as Andy has already told Amy their kiss was a mistake.

David has told Alicia he doesn’t love her in a romantic way. So why is he jealous when he sees her with Dom? Wake up David and see the truth when it’s right in front of you: you want Alicia! (But good luck telling Priya that – best do it by text from the other side of the world.)