Moira learns about James’s betrayal

*First episode

Though he knows he should tell Chas about his night with Emma, James just can’t bring himself to go there. Fiery Chas is likely to go mad even though they were on a break. Instead, the guilt-ridden farmer turns to Moira, who’s stunned to hear about James’s infidelity. Knowing Emma has an agenda where James is concerned, Moira urges him to come clean to Chas before his ex does!

Chrissie’s nightmare continues as Lachlan refuses to go for counselling. At her wits’ end with her wayward son, she’s relieved when Donny offers to help out. He’s soon got his unco-operative son onside – but how? And who has got Donny all rattled when he sneaks off to make a phone call? Robert, meanwhile, is not keen on having Donny around and even sacks off a night with secret lover, Aaron, to go home to his wife.

Having been to see Sean in hospital, Dan and Ali are in bits. Can Ali cope with fitting in visits to see her son with her work at the factory?