I’m leaving Emmerdale! Moira snaps when Faith goes too far

Moira announces she's leaving Emmerdale when Faith makes a clumsy decision

At Butler’s, Faith is still banging on about turning Holly’s room into a bedroom for baby Isaac. While she’s been a tower of strength for Moira lately, Faith is overstepping the mark with the fragile farmer, who’s not ready to let go of the memory of her daughter who died of a heroin overdose in 2016. When Cain turns up, at Faith’s request, loaded with decorating stuff, it’s too much for Moira who promptly announces she’s packing up and moving to Glasgow. Oh.

In the Woolpack, Tracy’s trying to keep a lid on her upset about Leyla’s secret texts to David. But as the drinks flow her resolve melts away and she finds herself revenge-flirting with Phil, a handyman. This Phil’s only too happy to oblige as it seems he may already know something about Tracy as he’s seen gazing at a pic on his phone of Tracy in younger years.