Concerned about her grandson Isaac, whose arrival into the world has caused nothing but shock and horror for his bewildered, estranged parents, Faith brings Cain up to Home Farm. There, Moira is really struggling with their son and has done big fat zero towards planning Isaac’s christening. As Faith acts as negotiator, she gets the former married couple to choose Isaac’s godparents: Adam and Victoria. Later, when Faith and Cain leave, Moira stares down at her child, continuing to feel nothing for the tot.

Pollard gets in more of a pickle with his former mate Morris, who threatens to expose an old scandal about Pollard’s time on the council if he interferes with the plans for the new road.

Rhona’s heart aches when she overhears Paddy and Chas talking about their relationship and then salt is poured into her wounds when she sees them snogging! Ouch.