Moira proposes to Cain!

After James’s revelations about their secret past, Moira is no longer in the mood to do business with her brother-in-law. But without the farmer, the deal is off. As James pleads for more time, hoping to convince Moira to proceed, he’s grateful when Cain gives Moira his blessing. The mechanic is furious with devious James – but he doesn’t want to see Butler’s go under. Later, having signed on the dotted line, Moira’s a happy woman – and she’s got a question for Cain. Will he agree to marry her?

Debbie comes to the cafe looking for her camera unaware Brenda has stolen it. As Ruby assumes she’ll take the rap again, Brenda secretly visits her cache of stolen goods, which include Debbie’s missing item. Meanwhile, Harriet encourages Bob to set up CCTV to catch the thief.

Unlucky-in-love Bernice is excited ahead of a date with a man called Anton. And she’s later thrilled to be able to laugh in the face of Jimmy’s pessimism as she reports the evening a success.