Poor Moira gets dealt a devastating blow when she opens up her post to find an envelope is stuffed with photos of Cain kissing Chrissie! With the farmer already convinced he’s been sneaking around behind her back to see Charity as it is, how will this evidence of a marriage betrayal affect their relationship? Will Ross have achieved Charity’s demand he split up the couple? After all, this is all Ross’s work, who earlier, mugs Robert for his incriminating proof of the illicit kiss.

Thinking he’s got everything sewn up, Ross then tells Debbie he’s ready to leave Emmerdale whenever she is. All Debbie has to do is tell Pete she’s calling off the engagement and leaving town with his younger brother. Simples.

Val and Pollard are unnerved when they receive a date for the court hearing. Meanwhile, Joanie tells Rodney their encounter was a one-off. But was it really?