Moira shoots someone… but who?

After spending the night on patrol at Butlers, where cattle are being stolen, Moira reacts to a strange noise and shoots!

With someone currently half-inching her cattle, Moira’s been up all night patrolling the farm with a gun. She’s knackered and fraught. After telling Pete not to say a word about it to Debbie, Moira’s outside later when she hears a suspicious noise coming from the barn. Instinctively, the farmer fires her gun, but is unaware that the bullet actually hits someone!

Having lost custody of his son Archie, Jai is worried the same is going to happen when he goes in to battle with Megan over their daughter Eliza. Meanwhile, Frank does some undercover ‘sabotage’ work for Megan.

Debbie wonders why her dad Cain is so keen to help out Harriet… if only she knew they were secret lovers!