By heck! Just look at how angry Moira is with Cain! That smacker on his lips will certainly put him in his place! But where exactly is that? Cain’s been Public Enemy Number One to Moira since he told her about John kissing dirty flirty Eve last year. He’s wound her up plenty of times since then, but right now she’s furious with Cain for revealing their secret financial deal to farmer John and goes for a row with him… but ends up kissing him! Wow! That’s some aftershave Cain wears!

It seems that Ali’s pretty good at winning over folk, too – not by kissing them all, we hasten to add. She and Ruby are among the first in line to be tested when the mobile bone marrow unit arrives in the village. Then Ali sweet talks Nikhil into giving her a job and bonds with Lisa over family problems. Lisa might not be so understanding, though, when she finds out Belle’s drawn to bad lad Sean.

Marlon and Laurel are still drawn to each other and are playing games – on Marlon’s Xbox! It’s an innocent enough battlefield… For now.

*Second episode*

Even Lizzie (if she were around) would have seen what was going to happen next with Moira and Cain. Their kiss becomes passionate and, well, we don’t need to draw you a picture. Cain’s very proud of himself, but guilt kicks in for Moira and she quickly dresses and rushes home. Farmer John is there and he’s cooked dinner and is ready to forgive her for doing the car deal with Cain behind his back. Moira eats the dinner, but has less appetite when John makes it clear he wants her for dessert!

It’s clear to Belle that Sean is trouble, but that just makes him more appealing and Lisa catches the two of them up to no good. Sean is locked in the Dingle van while Lisa waits for Ali to arrive and he trashes it (although, to be fair, it’s pretty trashed already). Aaron drops by and offers to talk to the lad… Yes, the same Aaron who would have been behaving just as badly not so long ago! And he gets through to the boy!

Debbie gets through to the hospital and hears they might have found a bone marrow match for Sarah.