Moira shows Marlon her gratitude

Marlon continues to buddy up to Moira, convinced she wants him as more than a friend. He realises Hannah’s up to mischief with Victoria and tells Moira, who’s grateful for the head’s up. But Marlon misreads her gratitude and tells Paddy he’s sure Moira wants him. Paddy thinks his mate has been at the cooking sherry. But Marlon is misfiring on all cylinders and tells Paddy he’s going to tell Moira how he feels.

Charity is also desperate to explain herself to Debbie. Having spent the night at Marlon’s, she wants her daughter to believe that she was putting Cain’s money back. With her track record, you can see how Debbie would struggle to accept that. Cain certainly doesn’t. He throws her belongings on to the street and blames Debbie for the mess, because she let Charity back into their lives. Devastated, Debbie turns her back on her mother. Is there any way back for Charity?

Life’s not so sweet at the chocolate factory, either. Production is suffering without Laurel’s supervision so an impatient Nikhil sends Faye to the vicarage, armed with flowers, to find out when Laurel will be back. Faye reports that it won’t be soon so Nikhil decides to replace Laurel – with Priya! Ooooh, he’s hard. But perhaps he has a soft centre…

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