Moira turns to Adam – not Cain! (VIDEO)

There’s a mother and child reunion when Moira asks Adam to move back home. She believes Adam was right about Cain all along – he’s a wrong ‘un and always will be. If only she knew how wrong she is! Adam could tell her; he could confess to being the one who knocked Kerry down in Cain’s stolen car. But he doesn’t – and Cain doesn’t tell her, either. He protected Adam last year, when Adam tried to burn him to death and he’s protecting him now. Then the police arrive to talk to Cain… They’ve found his stolen car and have some questions.

Not many people are talking to Kerry now that they know what she did – how she lied about being pregnant. She’s still in hospital, but isn’t surrounded by Get Well cards or swamped by bunches of grapes (good job, too, as she’d probably trample them into wine…). Dan pays her a visit, but only to let her know Bob doesn’t want her living with them when she gets out of hospital. She’s on her own.

Rhona still has Vanessa on her side, dishing out painkillers and booking her into a support group. And Paddy still knows nothing. The women are going to need a lot more than support when he finds out.