Moira urges Debbie to make her choice!

When Pete is asking Ross to be an usher at his upcoming wedding, unaware his brother has been sleeping with his fiancée, he’s thrilled when Ross accepts. Debbie, meanwhile, is plunged into a nightmare when Moira confronts her having seen Debbie kissing Ross! Breaking down, Debbie admits she’s been having an affair with the bad boy for months. Furious, Moira insists Debbie make her choice between the brothers… Today!

When Bob fails to track down Carly, he’s heartbroken to realise his daughter has done a runner leaving him up to his neck in trouble with Brenda and beyond. When Val then hears Carly has left them high and dry and got off scot free, she’s furious…

James is stuck between a rock and a hard place when he meets Emma’s current squeeze. When Dr Bailey tells James he’s going to stop seeing Emma as she’s way too intense for him, will James tell his ex knowing she’s already wounded over their divorce?