Moira won’t give up on her family

Among the animals farmer John keeps on his farm is a high horse that he’s fond of getting on (when Ashley’s not on it). Moira did him wrong and he just loves reminding her of it, no matter how much his attitude of arrogant superiority hurts his children. And they are hurting, especially Hannah. Moira can see this, even if John can’t and she decides to pay her family a visit. She walks in on chaos and gives unhappy Hannah a hug. John is stubbornly unimpressed and Holly is as prickly as ever, but Moira digs her heels in. The family needs her and from now on she’s going to be helping out.

Aaron needs help. Bob mentions Hazel’s idea of Aaron leaving with her and Chas goes ballistic. What is Hazel thinking of??? Aaron steps in and convinces his mum to let him talk to Hazel alone. The talk they have is as painful as Aaron’s self-harming, but more productive: Aaron confesses to Hazel that he hurt himself because of her. She has to leave Emmerdale, he says, and she has to leave without him so that they can both move on from Jackson’s death.

Laurel won’t be leaving the village. Ashley has had a very awkward conversation with Marlon and now he and Laurel are staying put. Very grown up or very foolish? Time will tell.