Moira’s attacked at Butler’s!

*Hour-long episode*

Cain’s prediction that Moira was a fool to let Ross move back in turns out to be spot on. All hell breaks loose at Butler’s when Marcus and his heavies come looking for Ross, who owes them cash. Accosting the farmer and Adam, the crew then set about smashing the place to bits as they fail to find him. By the time Cain and Ross turn up the farm is in a terrible state – and so is Moira. As the police are called, guilt-ridden Ross knows it’s all his fault.

Rodney’s escorting looks set to get him in trouble as a client’s angry husband comes looking for him! Though he craftily manages to shove the blame on to Pollard, claiming he and the lady concerned have been having an affair, it lands him in the firing line with Eric and Val. Big time.

It’s time for the next task for the wannabe vicars, and Ashley works out Harriet’s been telling a few porkies to get ahead.