Farmer John was never going to move in with Andy like he said last week, was he? At least in his own home he has a vague idea of where the kettle is – and if he can’t find it he’s got Holly and Hannah to brew those endless cuppas for him. So it’s Moira who’s moving out – to the B&B for a night and then to her mum’s.

John’s revelling in the role of the injured party, but the kids don’t know why he’s so hurt. Adam knows enough to know his dad is spoiling for a fight, though. So when Declan sees them in the pub and blames Adam for Mia’s death, John is ready to kick off. But he’s picking a fight with the wrong bloke – it’s Cain he’s angry with.

Ashley’s angry with Marlon because he’s got a horrible feeling that the chef has been taking more than a friendly interest in his wife. What can he do? Well, he thinks it’s a good idea to suggest he and Laurel renew their wedding vows. It’s clear, though, that Laurel’s not so keen to say ‘I do’ again…

Val’s now keen on the idea of adopting Amy because the teen terror has been quite a good girl lately. Ah, but Val still doesn’t know that Amy’s pregnant!