Moira’s tough love gets tougher

Driven mad by Holly’s drug-taking, Moira drives her daughter to the police station then drags her inside. ‘Arrest my daughter,’ Moira demands – and she means it. She wants Holly to face the consequences of stealing from her family. Holly’s terrified and, when farmer John arrives, he’s shocked. But the police officer who finds himself in the middle of this family mess thinks Holly needs help, not prosecution, and just gives her a good telling off. Free again, Holly apologises to Moira and John for stealing from them, but refuses to go home. She does give them her address – but is it somewhere they want to visit?

Home is not where Leyla’s heart is, either. She’s caught in a web of deceit of her own making and doesn’t know how to untangle herself. Alicia has moved in with Jacob and has no plans to move out again, so there’s a very good chance that when David gets back he will find out the dark family secret that Leyla has been hiding from him.

Angry Andy’s not looking angry at all for a change. Is it because Sarah’s coming for a visit – or because Katie is spending time with him?

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