Molly and Kevin are caught in the act

Sally calls in to see Kevin at the garage just as a customer arrives with a posh car. In a moment of madness Kevin takes Molly for a spin. They drive to a secluded spot and kiss, but are shocked when a police officer knocks on the window! Shaken they drive back to the street where Kevin finds the furious owner of the car waiting for him. Later he calls into the corner shop and drags Molly into the backroom kissing her. Swept up in the moment Molly agrees to a night in a country hotel with him.

Jason goes to see his bank manager about a mortgage, but is disappointed to find that he and Tina will need a 25 per cent deposit. Meanwhile, David‘s distraught over losing Tina and Ted does his best to comfort him.

Maria wonders if she’ll be able to cope alone with baby Liam and she’s grateful when Tony offers to stay a bit longer.

Also, Graeme delivers Joe’s painkillers, but refuses to take payment and tells him this is a one-off; Pam gets Molly to phone Bill and set up the personal ad date with him so he won’t know that it’s actually Pam he’s going to meet.