The Dobbs are emotional as they watch their baby move on Molly’s scan and Tyrone’s over the moon to discover he’s having a son. Back on the street Bill can’t believe Kevin‘s attitude to the baby, but Kevin’s insistent the baby is nothing to do with him and he can remain detached.

John’s nervous as he attends an interview pretending to be Colin, but his passion shines through and it’s going well. There’s a sticky moment when he has to sign the CRB form, and back at home Fiz worries about the seriousness of what he’s doing. But when John returns home he receives a phone call to say he’s got the job, and Fiz is again swept along by his excitement. Chesney’s wondering what all the fuss is about, but decide it’s best he was kept out of it all.

Sophie‘s gutted when she receives a package from Sian containing only a friendship band matching the one Sophie’s wearing. Taking hers off too Sophie knows what it means.

Also, Natasha’s sets her sights on Nick, ignoring Graeme’s attempts to charm her; Graeme decides to con Jason into letting him take his photo, so Kirk can use it for his online dating profile.

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