Molly wakes up in the spare room after Tyrone stuck up for her in front of Jackie the night before. She argues too much has gone on since they split, but Tyrone insists he still loves her. In turmoil she confesses she’s pregnant. Assuming the baby is his Tyrone’s excitement builds and Molly can’t correct him, aware there is a chance that he could be the father. Won over by his enthusiasm, Molly finds herself agreeing to give their relationship another go. Kevin’s gobsmacked as an elated Tyrone reveals his news back at the garage.

Gail is struggling to cope in prison and refuses to leave her cell. David’s also scared as he faces life without his mum and tries to convince Tina that the evidence against her just doesn’t add up. But, Tina’s convinced of Gail’s guilt leaving Jason worrying about the strain on their relationship

Tony’s agreed to Nick buying him out and he begins his first day in the factory. Now Carla’s partner, he asks if he can talk to her about a managerial issue – Kelly.

Also, Rita starts a voluntary job with Emily at her hospital charity shop, but ruffles a few feathers with tactless comments.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla works out that Nick has seen the company accounts and forces him to reveal the mole as a peace settlement for the shares she has sold him. Kelly’s stunned as Carla publicly fires her for stealing the factory accounts for Nick. Desperate, Kelly looks to Nick for support but he coolly admits he was the one who told Carla to sack her as she can’t be trusted. The factory girls are left reeling as Kelly leaves Weatherfield.

Gail tries to venture out of her cell in an attempt to fit into prison life. Meanwhile, Tina’s overwhelmed with grief and tells Jason she wants to be alone. He knows their relationship is heading for the rocks but can’t find the words to comfort her.

Kevin finds Molly and demands to know who the father of her baby is. Regaining control Molly insists he will never know. Kevin’s stunned. When he asks what she’s playing at, questioning her decision to return to Tyrone, Molly spits back that he left her with no option. Claiming she’s poison Kevin warns her to stay away from his family.

Also, Rita tries to buy a suit at a discounted price, but Emily isn’t happy. Things come to a head when Rita exclaims that Emily knows nothing about retail.

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