Tyrone‘s out on a breakdown job, when Molly suddenly goes into labour. Calling into the garage she demands that Kevin finds him before she goes into hospital. But as the contractions come thick and fast it’s Sally and Kevin who end up by her side as Tyrone struggles to make it home.

Kylie’s obviously feeling really down and Becky worries about her sister. Later, she tells Becky that the hearing that will decide whether she will keep Max or not is scheduled for next week.

Ashley struggles with family life as he’s forced to reveal that Claire has gone away to escape the gossip. Sunita’s horrified, and although she feels guilty she insists she just wants the truth.

Also; Ken‘s been making up for lost time with Lawrence. When he hears that Lawrence has an estranged son called James, Ken takes it upon himself to call him, hoping to play peacemaker; Carla offers Trev a job at the factory; Gary arrives home on leave with his mate Quinny.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Molly‘s labour pains intensify and when there’s still no sign of Tyrone, Kevin’s forced to call an ambulance. Molly focuses her anguish on Kevin, ordering him to never come near her again. It looks like the truth about their affair might come out as Tyrone rushes to the hospital.

The Alahans are looking forward to bringing Aadi home, but the gossip on the street continues. As people start to focus on their parenting skills, the couple start to turn on each other.

Becky blames herself for Kylie’s situation and is determined to help her get Max back. She is scared of Liz’s reaction but is forced to tell her that The Rovers is now Kylie’s official home. Meanwhile, Kylie has other things on her mind as she sets her sites in Gary.

Also; Nick’s riled when Carla has Trev start at the factory as a trainee manager; Ken’s thrilled to meet James for the first time, but when Lawrence unexpectedly turns up a row breaks out between father and son. Ken encourages them to talk, wanting Lawrence to open up.

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