Molly‘s had a restless night as she psyches herself up to tell Tyrone that she’s leaving him. Just as she plucks up the courage to tell him her heart drops as he reminds her that it is two years since Vera died. Later, Tyrone, still aware that things aren’t right, is chatting to Jack and tells him about his marriage problems. Jack advises him to take control of the situation and tell Molly how he feels. But as Tyrone sits down to talk to Molly she drops the bombshell that she is leaving him.

Michelle approves of Ryan and Sian’s relationship so much that she gives Ryan some money to take Sian out. But Sian’s dad turns up in the street in a rage, having discovered that his daughter is sleeping with Ryan.

Gail is delighted when the estate agent calls to make an appointment for a couple to view the house. Joe is hopeful that this could spell the end of his problems but David has other plans and does his best to put the potential buyers off.

Also; Becky and Steve’s marriage problems continue with Becky furious that Steve has splashed out on some new golf clubs.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tyrone‘s in a state of shock as he tries to take in what Molly is saying. As she begins to pack her things he demands some answers and assumes she is having an affair – a guilty Molly denies this but knowing she needs to give him a reason she tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for him any more. It seems he can only stand and watch helplessly as she walks out on him and their marriage.

Steve and Becky are still at each other’s throats over at the Rovers, both of them bitter about their separation. Lloyd can’t understand why Steve is throwing his life away ands tells him that he and Becky are made for each other.

Kevin is aware that Molly has made a decision but is trying not to think about what is going on over the road at Molly and Tyrone’s as he and Sally discuss her treatment. She tells him that it is not only women who get cancer and he should really check himself too.

Also; Anna proudly shows off her photos of Gary in his army uniform; Michelle comforts an upset Sian.

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