Molly walks out on an oblivious Tyrone

Molly’s suspicions of Tyrone continue to grow, especially when she discovers that he has only just joined the gym. She can’t get rid of the niggling feeling that something is going on and when she sees Minnie in a T-shirt that she saw Tyrone with earlier she jumps to the conclusion that the pair are definitely having an affair. Molly tells Minnie to pass on a message to Tyrone that she has gone to her dad’s and he needn’t follow. But the message gets lost in translation and Tyrone is none the wiser.

Gail defends the plan for the Windasses and the Platts to make friends, but Joe agrees with David and doesn’t want to give them the time of day. The two women continue to try and extend an olive branch as Anna tries unsuccessfully to get Eddie in full-time employment.

Audrey and Natasha are determined to take Maria‘s mind off recent events, but as soon as she arrives at work she starts with one of her theories. Even the customers are not immune as she quizzes them about whether they think Tony Gordon is capable of murder!

Also, Norris wonders when Jed will move on, but he has no intention of leaving imminently.

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