Kevin and Tyrone both have secret appointments. Sally struggles to keep up the facade at work. She’s worried people have started to notice, but puts a brave face on things as she leaves for her ‘dental appointment’ with Kevin. Meanwhile, things aren’t going well for Molly and Tyrone over the road. Pushed by a frustrated and upset Molly, Tyrone arranges a meeting in Chester about a new job.

Joe’s perfect world comes crashing down. Rick’s back on the street and he’s looking for revenge. When he finally gets hold of a frightened Joe he turns nasty.

Joe knows he can’t get out of this one and so says he’ll get his money as soon as the house has sold, but Rick wants the cash today and insists he’ll be back. Joe’s shaken but at least he has bought himself some time. But things get worse when Gail reveals the house sale has fallen through.

Also; Ken won’t drop his opposition to Peter’s bar. He continues his petition against the situation, which infuriates Peter further. Meanwhile, George offers a private education for Simon.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Rick wants to make matters personal with Joe in order to force him into giving the money back. When Rick comes back for the money Joe flips and bundles him out. Seething, Rick turns his attention to Tina and when he hears she’s selling a flat he asks if he can view it.

Joe’s terrified to hear Rick’s got Tina alone and races round to the flat. Tina’s fine and unaware of the situation but the threat isn’t lost on Joe. Rick knows he has made his point and claims he’ll be back on Friday or else.

Steve drowns his sorrows thinking about his relationship with Becky. Steve and Becky are out separately, but when Amy has nightmares it’s Becky who races home while Steve ignores Liz’s calls and gets drunk. When he returns another row ensues but this time it’s Becky sleeping with Amy.

Also; Dev works his way back into Sunita’s life. He’s enjoying spending more time with the kids and this time it’s Matt who’s starting to feel a bit perturbed, especially when he hears Dev has split with Bernie.

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