Molly begins to feel ill at work and speculation starts to rise about what’s wrong with her. Dev starts joking around and tells everyone that it’s probably down to having a few too many in the Rovers last night, but then suddenly Molly faints. Luckily Sunita is on hand to help her to the medical centre, where she’s told she’s pregnant. Back on the street Molly spies Kevin, and while his back is turned she leaves an envelope addressed to him on the windscreen of his car.

Peter and Leanne are still in Blackpool as the search for Simon continues. The police assure them that they’re doing everything they can to find him, and they should return home to see if he calls. Back on the street Peter’s despondent until there’s a knock on the door and Simon’s behind it.

Tina’s still angry with Gail as the day of Joe’s funeral arrives and emotions run high, she still suspects her of being involved in Joe’s death. When Gail steps up to say a few words at the funeral, Tina’s composure cracks.

Also, Carla calls Nick into Underworld to discuss their future. Meanwhile, gossip is rife among the factory girls as they wonder what’s going on.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Simon’s now safely home and tells a relieved Peter the details of his adventure. He made his own way home when he realised he didn’t want to live with Grandpa George. When George then arrives he breaks down, full of apologies, explaining he’s withdrawn the residency application. Desperate, he begs for another chance.

Joe’s burial takes place and Gail‘s grief-stricken. As his coffin is lowered into the ground, Tina’s with the Police. Later, as Gail thanks everyone at the wake, the police walk into the Rovers and arrest her on suspicion of murder. The Platts are furious as a shell-shocked Gail is led away. At the station Gail’s terrified as she’s questioned then charged with murder.

Kevin finds Molly’s envelope and barges into her house demanding answers. She reveals she’s pregnant with his child, but Kevin’s cold disputing whether the baby is even his, before ordering she gets rid of it. Molly’s devastated, but when he later returns apologising she hopes this means they can have a future.

Also, Molly’s hopes are dashed when Kevin tells her he loves Sally and will never leave her. If she wants the baby she will have to move away.

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