In this sequel to Monsters, Inc, green eyeball Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) and big furry blue beastie Sulley (John Goodman) turn from rivals to friends at university.

This belated prequel to Pixar’s 2001 original can’t quite recapture its predecessor’s magic, yet it’s still packed with witty dialogue, sly visual gags and boisterous action.

Once again, the heart of the movie lies in the joyous chemistry between Crystal and Goodman as we discover the origins of their friendship while at university.

Alongside a bunch of fellow misfits from the Oozma Kappa fraternity, they end up competing in the Scare Games under the baleful eye of Helen Mirren’s dragon-like Dean Hardscrabble (a wonderful creation with millipede legs and bat wings).

To tell the truth, the plot isn’t the film’s strongest suit, but it hardly matters as the characters are as entrancing as ever.