Ric worries when he arrives to pick Martha up for Morag’s wedding and finds her still in her dressing gown, surrounded by information on cancer and surgery. She tells Ric to go ahead without her, and he goes to the Surf Club alone. But, he is thrilled when later, Martha turns up after all.

Meanwhile, Morag and Ross’s wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch. But despite the romantic mood, Martha’s mind is on her surgery and going into hospital tomorrow…

Kirsty and Ric are left shocked after sharing a kiss, and Miles, who witnessed the whole thing, is left to ask a seriously confused Kirsty if there is anything going on between them. Kirsty starts to question whether moving in to Summer Bay House is such a good idea. When Leah finds out about Kirsty’s doubts, she offers to swap with Kirsty and move in with Miles herself. But Kirsty reconsiders when Ric apologises, leaving Leah disappointed.

Roman worries when he fails to get hold of Nicole at her mum’s. His worry turns to panic when he gets a text message from Nicole’s mother saying she has no idea where Nicole is – she hasn’t heard from her in weeks…

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday September 18*

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