Morag keeps up the fight for Alf

Charlie finds Morag on the road home. She was dumped there by a desperate Will as he sped off. Morag tells Charlie that she thinks Will has left town, so Charlie and Morag begin the search for him and Lily. Morag uses the opportunity to push Charlie to have Alf exonerated, in light of Will’s disappearance.

Robertson isn’t happy. With Will seeming to have retracted his statement that pointed the finger at Alf, the detective’s case has taken a sharp U-turn. But without Will to confirm whether he is in fact retracting his statement, Robertson is reluctant to believe Morag and finds the whole situation highly suspect. Charlie’s convinced that Alf is not guilty and keeps working against Robertson’s case. Robertson starts reviewing his evidence and is startled by a new piece of information.

April is now staying with Bianca and Liam. But the pair are finding it hard to adjust to having an extra person around, and are making April feel even more uncomfortable and uncertain about where she belongs, since she returned from Europe. Bianca and Liam keep trying to sort out ways to make the living arrangements work but it’s no good. The matter is eventually solved when April decides to move in with Irene instead.

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