Morag is surprised when Ross reveals that his wife died a week before he came to Summer Bay. He explains she was ill for three years, and while he took care of her, their emotional marriage was pretty much over. Feeling betrayed by his silence on such an important part of his life, Morag is uninterested in making things work out.

But, the next day, she is mystified to receive an anonymous text telling her to stay away from Ross. When Ross finds out, he tells Morag that the text was sent by his eldest daughter who is unimpressed by her dad moving on so soon after her mum’s death. After talking things through, Morag goes against her better instincts and agrees to forgive Ross, providing he is totally honest with her from now on.

After hearing that Jack wants kids, Martha is torn about whether to tell him she is pregnant. Eventually, she decides to keep it secret for longer and just hope the baby is Jack’s. When she gets morning sickness, she blames it on something she ate, leading Jack to accuse Roman of serving dodgy food at the Diner. But after Martha admits it wasn’t the food that made her ill, Roman starts putting the pieces together…

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 21*