Ross is confused when Morag tells him that Kylie Deeks killed Sam, as they were the same person. Morag explains it was an elaborate suicide designed to incriminate Jack and Martha, and keep them apart for good. After visiting Rory and being rejected, Sam finally snapped, and with her husband lost too, she decided she had nothing more to live for.

But she wasn’t going down without a fight and carefully staged events to put police on a false trail. She rowed out of the bay on a dingy, and injected herself with an overdose of heroin, enough to die before she hit the water, knowing when police discovered there was no water in her lungs they’d assume it was murder disguised as suicide.

But Ross is unconvinced as there are still the bruises on Sam’s arms to explain. He agrees to give Morag 24 hours to come up with an answer and find the sunken boat before he charges Jack and Martha.

Eager to help, Roman calls his old SAS pals to help find it. Meanwhile, Jack and Martha agree over the phone that they just need to keep repeating their story. Are they guilty after all?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 27*

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