Out with Martha, Ash panics when his wife Rianna and their two kids arrive while Martha’s occupied at the bar. Fearful that his secret family will be exposed, he ushers them back to the car just before Martha returns. But unknown to Ash, curious Morag has seen the whole thing.

Just before Rianna can drive off, Morag innocently asks her who that man was and her suspicions are confirmed when Rianna reveals that Ash is her husband. Morag heads over to the station where she tells a stunned Ash that she knows all about his dirty secret.

Meanwhile, a shocked Rocco calls for help as a confused and disoriented Sally wakes up from her coma. Alf, Morag, Ric and Brad rush into the room but it’s all too much for Rocco who runs out, heading straight for the hostel to pack his things and do a runner.

But he’s stopped in his tracks by Ric who reveals that Sally can’t remember her attacker. Ric persuades Rocco to return to the hospital, where Sally’s delighted to see him. Later, guilty Rocco visits Johnny at the police station telling him that Sally’s awake but doesn’t remember anything.

Also, Cassie is setting up her new home, when she hears about Sally’s attack, and races to the hospital, leaving Macca unhappy to find her gone and back with her family.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday April 6*