Morag works on Alf’s defence

Alf has returned from prison a very angry man. Glad to have Morag fighting his corner, he enlists her to help start preparing his defence. Alf is determined to not stay locked away in his house, but to try and get back out into the Bay and move on with his life as best he can until the trial. While out, however, he comes face to face with Will, and, unable to control himself, lashes out.

Will has been going through hell since he was interrogated by the police and pointed the finger at Alf. He’s been turning to the booze for comfort and is constantly hungover. Irene tries to be supportive but it is an uphill struggle. She has to deal with the disapproval of her friends but is determined to stay strong for Will.

Nicole and Marilyn return from a long trip and it is revealed that Nicole is indeed still pregnant, despite the fact that she had been thinking of having a termination. The news that she’s going to have the baby shocks some of her friends and makes Nicole reconsider her decision.

Ruby and Charlie discuss the failure of her relationship with Angelo. Where did it all go wrong?

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