Morag refuses to listen to Jack and Martha as they seek her blessing and try to convince her that they are back together for good. But Morag is convinced it’s a disaster waiting to happen, and it would be best if they stayed away. Jack and Martha reluctantly give up and Morag heads out to her date with Ross.

Meanwhile, at the Diner, Irene tries to keep Colleen away from Ross but fails and Morag is furious to arrive for her date to see Colleen pestering Ross. Morag has a hard time relaxing, and Colleen’s presence gets so annoying that Morag ends up telling her exactly what she thinks of her in front of the whole Diner. Has Morag sabotaged her chances with Ross for good?

After the disastrous meeting with Morag, Martha visits Tony, keen to know where she and Jack stand. She is relieved when Tony offers them his blessing, on the condition they don’t muck things up this time.

Irene’s not happy when Annie arrives wearing the clothes Nicole gave her. Elsewhere, despite Geoff being convinced that his initial judgement about Nicole was wrong, he is still crazy about Melody. After walking her home, the young couple share their first awkward kiss.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday June 19*

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