Morag tells Dylan she plans to get him thrown out of the police force, leaving him rattled. Later, Kat sees Morag and, when the two discuss Dylan’s ability to lead the case, Morag insinuates that she knows about Kat’s past with Dylan.

Dylan tries to make peace with Leah, but she’s not having any of it. Afterwards, Dylan runs into Kat on the beach and the pair end up kissing before Kat pushes him away, with Leah watching the entire encounter.

Nate tells Chris that Hannah is stable but the doctors will need to keep a close eye on her. When Chris goes back into Hannah’s hospital room, she’s in excruciating pain, but reassures him she’ll be fine. After Chris leaves, Hannah looks at their photoshoot pictures and breaks down.

When Phoebe suggests the boys run a coffee and cleaning service at the garage Ash disagrees – but Phoebe refuses to take no for answer and promises the service to a customer. Ash is furious and the pair end up in another war of words.