Drew witnesses Jazz being upset to ‘discover’ her estranged mum died a few months before, and tries to comfort her. Jazz responds by regaling Drew with stories of how badly her mum treated her. Elsewhere, Morag is suspicious to learn from Dane that he’s reading a will for an attractive client who’s trying to swindle her son out of his inheritance.

The next day, the will is read to Jazz and Drew who learn that Drew is the sole beneficiary. Drew is outraged on his mum’s behalf, feeling the money is rightfully hers. Jazz is pleased her plan is working, but elsewhere Morag has discovered that Jazz is Dane’s client and suspects she’s out to cheat Drew.

Sam still feels shaky after being followed home from work, while Rachel is unaware she was also nearly attacked after arriving at work. Later, Rachel’s colleague Gloria is attacked and left semi-conscious as she leaves the hospital. Rachel finds her and she’s given treatment while the police and Jack are called. Jack informs the hospital staff that the attacks on Nurse Julie and Gloria appear to have been committed by the same person and that someone is targeting the hospital staff.

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