Mordred’s return could destroy Camelot!

The young telepathic druid boy Mordred (Asa Butterfield – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) returns to Camelot and the magic that King Uther fears so much is used against him by a warlock who is determined to destroy Uther’s kingdom – all in one action-packed episode of the family drama series.

Cold-blooded Alvarr (Joseph Mawle – The Passion, Waking the Dead) is the sorcerer who wants to defeat Uther and have magic reign again in Camelot. He can’t do it on his own, though. Alvarr needs a magical relic of the Old Religion called the Crystal of Neahtid. And he needs someone who can harness the crystal’s power. That’s where Mordred comes in. Alvarr’s problem is that Uther has locked up the powerful crystal. Many have tried and failed to steal it for their own misuse, so how does Alvarr think he can get his hands on it? Through Morgana?

Alvarr knows of Morgana’s bond with Mordred and that she will do anything to protect the boy. He intends to use their closeness to get what he wants. Merlin can’t believe Morgana would become a thief and a traitor but she shocks him with the choice she makes. That’s not all that stuns the young magician: the true power of the precious stone is more than Merlin expected.