More bad news for Marlon

When Marlon first heard Rhona was pregnant, he wanted her to have his baby, even though she had fallen in love with Paddy. Then he decided it would be too painful to be a part-time dad and so he didn’t want anything to do with the baby, or Paddy, or Rhona. Then Rhona has her second scan… And finds out there’s a big chance her baby has Down’s syndrome. Now she’s not sure she wants the baby either. Paddy breaks the news to Marlon, wondering if this will break his friend’s heart all over again.

The Chas-Carl-Eve love triangle has become littered with broken hearts. Chas is still devastated by Carl’s betrayal, not knowing that Carl has dumped Eve, who is also devastated. Even Carl looks a bit pained as he tells Eve that it has to be over between them as Chas is the woman he really wants. Chas sees Eve on her own, looking miserable and wonders if maybe Carl has binned her. And if he has, then maybe she shouldn’t jilt him on their wedding day…

Angry Andy’s wondering what to do about DC Henshall, who has captured Katie’s heart. Careful, Andy. Henshall may not be a good copper…

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