More drugs are found on Brad

At the police station, Brad denies selling the drugs. But McGrath insists they need to search his premises to prove his innocence. The police and Brad return to the school to check his office, and it’s all clear. But when McGrath checks his car, Brad’s stunned to see a bag of marijuana in the car boot.

Back at the station, Brad tells McGrath that Johnny has stitched him up. But Johnny denies everything and informs McGrath that Brad threatened him at the Diner. McGrath advises Brad to find a good lawyer. Morag turns up, but McGrath tells them that Brad’s previous conviction and the evidence found in his car all points to his guilt.

Later, Brad goes for a walk to clear his head but comes face to face with Johnny who manages to wind him up so much that Brad snaps and grabs Johnny by the collar – but manages to stop himself taking things further.

When he gets home, Brad is shocked when McGrath turns up and charges him with drug possession. Brad’s nightmare gets worse when Sally reveals the Education Department want Brad to stand down from his role as Principal.

Also, Ric and Lucas hatch a plan to get Matilda and Belle speaking again.

*Screened on RTE on Friday, March 9*