Poor Marlon! You know his best mate Paddy, the one he’s been through thick and thin – and Chas Dingle – with? Well, his new girlfriend Rhona has taken a liking to Paddy, too – and not in a buddy-buddy way, either. Marlon and Rhona are supposed to be having some touchy-feely together time, but Paddy tells Rhona he needs her for an emergency call-out.

What he really needs, though, is a make-believe girlfriend to shield him from the unwanted attention of a female client. Rhona realises she’s being used and has a laugh and drink over it with Paddy. Then, in her tipsy state, Rhona realises she fancies the Padster. It’s a recipe for disaster that is.

There are storm clouds gathering over Leyla and David’s relationship, too. David wants to comfort Leyla over the death of her mother, but feels that Leyla is hiding some family secret involving her sister. He’s right, too.

Just like Cain’s right about Ryan’s innocence. It seems the devious Dingle actually has a conscience – and it’s getting the better of him! He’s horrified when Faye tells him she’s worried that Ryan’s guilty. But will he tell the police what he knows?

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