Morgana falls under an enchantment

A mysterious and scarred man enchants a bunch of flowers, which are then delivered anonymously to Morgana. An enchanted beetle creeps from the bouquet into her ear while she sleeps, which makes her seriously ill. Gaius tries to cure her without realising she is suffering a magical disease.

Edwin, the scarred man, arrives at the palace – and claims to have a cure for all ills. Desperate for answers, Uther urges him to start examining Morgana right away. Edwin secretly uses magic to remove the beetle from Morgana’s head, thus curing her of the illness. Uther is impressed and encourages Edwin to stay on in Camelot but Gaius becomes suspicious.

Merlin is curious about Edwin and takes it upon himself to see what he can find out about this mysterious stranger. He finds a wooden box of ‘dead’ beetles in the physician’s chambers, accidentally awakening them with a spell. Edwin catches him and realises he must have magical powers to be able to perform such a feat.

Meanwhile, Gaius starts his own investigation and manages to get his hands on a copy of an old records book from the time of the Great Purge. Studying the book Gaius realises Edwin is not what he seems and fears for the king’s safety. After seeking advice from the Great Dragon, Gaius leaves Camelot leaving young Merlin devastated.