Morgana’s deadly deception

After Odin wrests control of Nemeth from King Rodor and his daughter Princess Mithian, Morgana tells Odin that she will give him Arthur if he supplies her with the army she needs to take back Camelot. As Odin wants to see the young king pay for the death of his son, he agrees.

Morgana uses an ageing spell to take the guise of Hilda, Mithian’s maid, in a bid to watch over the princess as she returns to Camelot to ask Arthur to rescue her father, who is in hiding three leagues from the border near the forests of Gedref.

As Arthur is still vengeful over the death of his father at the hands of Odin, he quickly rallies his troops to make way for Rodor’s hiding place, but is unaware that Morgana has despatched a message to Odin about their impending arrival. Merlin, however, suspects that Mithian and her maid are hiding something.

While on the road, Merlin asks Arthur whether he is risking too much for one small act of revenge. It’s the same question that Guinevere asked Arthur just before he set off.

When Merlin finally uncovers Morgana’s deception, Morgana knocks him out. Merlin is then left behind with Gwaine and Gaius, who ends up reviving the sorcerer with the little magic he has, while Arthur and his men fall into Odin’s trap.

The revived Merlin then manages to create a magical diversion to help Arthur and the other captors escape. Odin catches up with the young king and a sword fight ensues until Arthur gets the upper hand. Talked out of killing Odin by Merlin, Arthur asks him for a truce and for restoring Rodor to the throne of Nemeth. Odin agrees.

The episode ends with Merlin feeling concerned by Morgana’s growing magical strength…