The Morgans face some unwanted press attention

The outcome of the trial catapults the Morgans into the limelight

Now that the Syndicate is behind bars, Justin and his siblings finally feel free. Their happy mood doesn’t last, however, when they find out they are front-page news. Just as Tori prepares to tell Nate the truth about her family, he knocks on the door with a newspaper in his hand. Are things over for the couple?

Meanwhile, Justin is sadden that Ava’s mother, Nina, won’t let him see their daughter. He returns to Summer Bay and reassures his siblings that the attention will be die down, but a nasty attack proves otherwise…

Matt and Evelyn are in the middle of a steamy session in the garage when they smell smoke. Matt discovers that multiple oils drums have been set on fire. He does his best to put the fire out – but will the fire brigade come in time?