Saucy sorceress and skilled swordswoman Morgause (played by Emilia Fox) returns to make more mischief in Camelot in the penultimate episode of series two. She’s dressed in her armour and ready for a fight – and this time she’s brought back-up…

Gauis realises there’s trouble in the air when the fires of Idirsholas burn for the first time in 300 years. He’s worried that this means the killer Knights of Medhir have been revived – and so he should be. For that’s exactly what Morgause has done. She’s surrounded herself with the Knights – a fearsome group who look like they’re close kin of the Grim Reaper – and plans to use them to destroy King Uther and bring down Camelot. Ah, such a pretty place, Camelot, dominated by a fairytale castle, yet it attracts more trouble than Arthur can poke a sword at – although he certainly gives it plenty of cut and thrust when needs must.

And Arthur needs to act quickly to take on the Knights before they ride into Camelot. He takes Merlin with him and they barely make it back alive. But the war is not won. Morgause has cast a spell over Camelot and has Uther’s kingdom at her mercy – except for Morgana, who, remember, is capable of her own magic… And The Great Dragon, who also wants to see Uther dead. He leaps into action in this series’ thrilling conclusion.

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