Perky TV producer Rachel McAdams needs all her spark when she has to turn around the fortunes of a failing, bottom-of-the-ratings morning TV news show.

She is buzzing with ideas, but her great wheeze of getting respected reporter Harrison Ford to co-host the show looks doomed to failure.

The gruff veteran is a Pulitzer Prize-winning, hard-news specialist who is a nightmare to work with, hates the trifling stories served up by the show and has no time for his lightweight co-anchor (Diane Keaton).

Disaster looms unless McAdams can pull off a miracle.

This comedy is as fluffy and insubstantial as the TV show it revolves around, but director Roger Michell gets great comic performances from his cast, including some skilful deadpan sparring between Ford and Keaton and a delightful turn from McAdams.