Morven is in crisis!

Can the medic find the strength to move on following Arthur's death in Holby City?

It’s Dr Morven Digby’s first day back at Holby following the death of husband and fellow medic Arthur to cancer. Still grieving for Arthur, Morven’s given hope when a familiar face proves that life goes on after tragedy.

Morven’s surprised when Hugh Musgrove (Keith Barron) turns up with new wife Lily, who needs surgery for a hernia. Arthur had once treated Hugh’s first wife, Beth, who passed away, so Hugh’s devastated to learn about Arthur’s own death.

Morven misses Arthur terribly and can’t believe Hugh married Lily so soon after losing Beth. But Hugh reminds her it was Arthur who urged him to visit the seaside town of Bournemouth – and that’s where he met Lily. Hugh feels lucky to have found happiness again and reassures Morven that she will, too!

Later, Morven has a crisis of confidence about Lily’s treatment but is sure Arthur would have known what to do. Morven uses Arthur’s old case notes to work out what’s wrong with Lily and the team are able to save her thanks to Morven’s diagnosis. Later, as Morven and others reminisce about Arthur, Morven realises she’s happy to be back on AAU.

Meanwhile, when Isaac invites Dom to a black-tie ball, Dom goes all commitment-phobe and is reluctant to accept the invite. Essie encourages to Dom not to let his past experiences hold him back from potential happiness with Isaac. Later, Isaac pretends he’s given both of the tickets to the ball away but, when Dom is honest about his anxieties, Isaac reveals he still has the tickets – looks like they’re going to ball after all.

Also, when Ollie’s contacted by Elliot about a job in Pakistan, he begins to question his place at Holby. After he clashes on a case with Guy and Mo refuses to back him up – telling him to take Elliot’s job – Ollie decides he’s had enough. Feeling unappreciated and undervalued, Ollie hands in his resignation. Can he be persuaded to stay?