Debbie really should be at home considering she’s now guardian of her tiny baby nephew, not to mention the fact she’s engaged to Pete. Instead, however, she’s at the garage having spent the night there with lover Ross. But back at home it’s action stations as Moses has taken ill and is rushed into hospital. When Debbie hears and rushes up there, her guilt flies off the Richter scale when she learns the baby needs to go into intensive care.

Back in the village, Carly isn’t convinced when Ross tries to explain his absence and, later, Cain warns Debbie he knows she’s up to something.

At Tall Trees it’s mega awks as Laurel moves back in with Marlon. What with all that’s gone on in their broken marriage, the sleeping arrangements are a huge issue. And that only gets worse when Ashley pops in to drop off a letter containing the results of the tests Laurel had to have after she drunkenly slept with a total stranger.

Another row about Archie sees Jai upping the ante against Rachel.